Just a quick posting.

Life could have easily pulled me down this week. There were some moments where I could have been on the brink of chaos but I didn’t let it come to that. I didn’t allow myself to go under with what was happening around me and that’s kind of new for me. Did I feel it? Yes, of course. I’m still me but it didn’t become my every waking thought. I had to feel what I felt for a few minutes and then focus on all the good still going on. Something as simple as painting. I had this idea last week to redo the color of my walls and never did I think I would. It was just an idea that popped in my head. They happen all the time and for a lot of them I will get excited about it and then a day later I am moving on from the thought. Here we are a week later and I am sitting in my freshly painted surroundings. It’s a great feeling and something I want to follow through with this year. I can’t ideas fall to the waist side ( well unless it’s something like eating non stop for a day )  but ideas that make me excited about planning something. In certain aspects of my life I have lost control in planning so instead I will try and plan what I can.


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