Friday Little Love Moments : 2/24

It’s late but I am still within the time for another Friday Little Love Moments! I missed last week and didn’t realize until two days later. I felt very sick that night and headed to bed without thinking of what I still had left to do. I am sick with a cold that everyone here seems to have but I didn’t want to miss another posting. My week has been calm for the most part. We all seem to be under the weather so it’s been semi low key. I almost have the new painted bedroom all in order. I should have it all done by tomorrow with the rearragment. My pillows & duvet cover came from H&M and I am so thankful for that because my bed is so cozy at the moment – which makes this cold slightly easier to handle. For the price and material it’s a great deal. They also seem to offer a lot of codes to get a deal which is fantastic. I know where I am purchasing any future bedding or home decor from. What I am most grateful for this week is haivng the opportunity to connect with so many people across the board for work. We are almost at 11,000 in our fundraiser for the app that is designed to help improve empathy skills. I am really proud of what we have accomplished so far and I am very excited about the future of it. I’ll attach the link below if you are interested in donating. I look at how far it’s come and what we can possibly achieve with it and it’s all very inspiring. I’m off to snuggle in some blankets but I hope you all enjoy a beautiful weekend. Thanks for reading!

The Rose Guide

PS. Here is the link!


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